Google has changed

Google has changed the search industry forever.

When Google started to get serious about fixing their ranking inaccuracies. Because of tactics like link farming, exact match anchor text. It makes a lousy website rank higher than a good one. That contains a lot of quality content. People look for a website that they enjoy. Like 1000 words or more of text, images, and video. All were put together to create a great user experience and inform the end-user searching for whatever keyword they had typed in. Unlike the companies that practice the techniques mentioned in this video, called “Black-hat” or “Gray-hat.” This is from 2011, so the most stated as grayhat most are now 100% black.

Google web spam team has helped companies that did not try to pull the equivalent of a get-rich-quick scheme in the SERPS. They did not put in the work needed to earn a top ranking. They cut corners. Making Google look bad, it served sites for queries that did not have the best results. It is necessary to view this video. To understand that search engine optimization no longer allows for cutting corners or “gray” “black hat” SEO.

Blueprint Marketing never practiced black hat tactics. We are proud of that. Everyone always knew they were not doing SEO correctly, so this is an older video meant to show people how much Google cares about making your website genuinely outstanding and not using shortcuts. That is what search engine optimization is.

I am an inbound marketer; needless to say, SEO is making your site better for the end user because whatever serves the end user is precisely what Google requires. Consequently, one must create a much better website than your competitors, which is how to win. There are a lot of technical parts to making this happen, and it is not easy to build a website that will rank at the top of Google for the keywords one wants if they are at all competitive.

Nevertheless, please remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are still a lot of people out there practicing black hat SEO. Some do not know enough about the topic and are doing things to harm their website without even being aware of it.

In 2011, this video laid the foundation for what was to come. There have been numerous updates to Penguin and Panda. They were making it one of Google’s most public changes to their algorithm ever. They devised only to eliminate the sites that did not help the end-user experience. It was succeeding by more users returning to your website.

I can do a lot to make any website a lot better. We do that anytime to watch what I consider a monumental transition in the search industry for the better.

I want to thank Rand Fishkin for his work in this field. Keeping us up-to-date is essential, and no one does better than Rand.

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    I do spend a lot of time keeping up with industry trends. However, it is kind of you to point out that the site is accurate. I wish I had more time to spend writing as I am constantly going to conferences such as SearchLove & MozCon.
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