Link Building

Link building is a component of search engine optimization and is actually more important than keywords when in comes to ranking your website on search engine result pages. Yes, you need keyword optimization in order to get found for those terms, but when a search engine is determining how relevant a website is to a given search, the biggest factor is the credibility of the website.

Here’s how it works. Link building means having links on other websites that point back to a page on your website.  Having lots of inbound links will improve your page ranking, but the quality of the websites that provide links to your website is of much greater significance.  An inbound link from a website like CNN will have much greater credence with Google than one from a low-trafficked blog.

Inbound links irrelevant to your business will not help your webpage ranking. In fact, it could actually damage your ranking under certain circumstances. Some providers may offer to send a high quantity of inbound links for little money to your website. This practice is known as ‘link farming’ but Google, and other search engines, have caught on to this and now ‘link farming’ will negatively affect your page ranking.

How do you get links from quality websites?  Answer: provide great content.  If you give information that is pertinent and interesting you are far more likely to garner more links from higher quality websites. You can also improve your chances of attracting inbound links by sharing your content in social media and optimizing it for search results so it can be easily found online.  Using an article advertising campaign and sending out press releases that have been keyword optimized are also a great way to capture quality links.

Blueprint Marketing can help you create that quality content that drives visitors to your website. There are several ways to do this including blogging, using social media, distributing press releases and targeted email campaigns.