Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a new marketing concept designed specifically for the digital age.

Forget the old Outbound Marketing tactics: Yellow Pages, junk mail and telemarketing. They focus on the premise of sending out a message to a large audience and hoping a few random people will be interested.

Inbound Marketing is the new paradigm.

In other words, Outbound is OUT, Inbound is IN!

Why? Inbound Marketing makes the most of your biggest sales asset in this digital world – your website.

Effective Inbound Marketing makes your site a magnet for motivated visitors. And it allows you to efficiently convert those visitors into loyal customers.

Rather than the old scattergun outbound marketing approach, Inbound Marketing focuses more narrowly on using the Internet to bring already interested visitors to your website. Once there, our tools allow you to engage with those visitors and nurture them until they buy your products or services.

How does it work?

When individuals or companies need a product or service, they usually begin by quickly pulling up Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines to find a company that can provide what they need.

However, most people click on the top organic links of the search results and rarely go beyond the first page of results before conducting a more focused search.  If your website is not there, it won’t be found. You need to be on that first page of search results.

How does it get there? Simple, by employing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a critical part of our Internet Marketing toolbox that optimizes your website to ensure it ranks highly and gets found.

And when it gets found, our other Internet Marketing tools help identify the most promising leads and give you the opportunity to convert leads into paying customers.

Bottom line: Blueprint Marketing provides an Inbound Marketing solution that is cheaper, more targeted and more engaging than old marketing techniques like cold calling and newspaper classifieds. It’s also more exciting, efficient and effective marketing.