Lead Generation

Once we’ve helped you drive more visitors to your website we optimize your site to turn more visitors into sales-ready leads.

There are three key ways that we can improve your website to increase customer leads:

  1. Set-up Calls-to-Action that provide offers to your visitors.
  2. Create Landing Pages that capture lead information.
  3. Use the HubSpot Content Management System to optimize your website to attract leads and drive conversions.

Call-to-Action (CTA): is a link that directs the visitor to get an offer you are providing.  We work with you to develop attractive offers that target visitors at different stages in the sales funnel.

The typical sales funnel for online conversion begins by first developing awareness of your product or service.  This begins by driving your potential audience to your website.  Using SEO you bring visitors to your website that are searching the Internet for keywords associated to your website.  These visitors are reaching your website for the first time and are looking for information that is relevant to their search but most will be at a stage where the visitor is conducting preliminary research.  At this stage visitors are not looking to be targeted with a sales pitch, they are just looking for relevant content.  This is where a good call to action would be downloadable content that answers questions they may have such as an eBook that discusses something that your target audience would deem valuable information e.g. “10 ways to increase sales”.

The second stage of the sales funnel is where you have more informed visitors.  They have either been to your site before, done business with you in the past or have spent time looking around your website.  This is what we would call an informed prospect.  They know about the products or services that you provide and are considering becoming a customer.  But at this stage they may still be looking for more information.  Here you need to target them by providing downloadable content that gives them information on why they need your product or service.  For example, provide a whitepaper that discusses the results of using your product or service.

The final stage of the sales funnel is when you have prospects to your site that are looking to purchase your product or service.  They are informed, they known your company and what you have to offer.  This is the stage were you want to close the deal and get the prospect to purchase your product or service.  This is where you want to have easy navigation to have the visitor contact you directly via phone or email, or give them the opportunity to leave their information for you to contact them to close the sale.  You can do this by having a clear Call to Action that initiates a direct action such offering a consultation where you will contact them directly to close the sale or enticement offer such as act now and receive a discount.

For example, an offer of a Free Internet Marketing Report would be geared toward someone who is at the top of the sales funnel, but an offer for a 30 Day Free Trial would be more geared toward someone is already motivated to buy.  We work with you to come up with offers that will entice visitors so that they click on your CTAs and go to your landing pages.

Landing Pages:  These are web pages that extract important lead information from your visitors.  We build sophisticated landing pages that will improve your conversion rates and generate more leads.  You provide a simple but attractive offer that requires the visitor to provide contact information such as their name, company, and email address.  You can calibrate each landing page to request specific information based on the offer.  When clicked, each Call to Action on your web pages will go to a landing page that describes the offer on the Call to Action in more detail.  You expand upon how valuable the content is and ask that the visitor fill in a basic form and then the content will send to them directly via email or made available for download.  This tactic is soft sell where most visitors will be willing to provide you with basic information such as their name and email address in order to receive your offer.  But this is extremely value information for you to have because even if a prospect is downloading content that would be near the top of the sales funnel you can develop a relationship with the prospect through lead nurturing, following up with the prospect at a later date with subsequent offers to move them further along the sales funnel.  We help you turn anonymous website visitors into potential leads and provide tactics that lead to higher conversion rates netting you more clients and more sales.

HubSpot Content Management System:

We don’t pretend to be wizards behind the curtain that can magically get more people to come to your website, gather their contact information and enchant them to purchase your product or service.  We do not employ fishy techniques nor do we use ‘Black Hat’ marketing strategies.

We are all certified Inbound Marketing professionals that understand the latest and greatest ways to optimize your site and use logical and intuitive tactics to give you the efficient Internet marketing.  We utilize the best tools to deliver service that incorporates all of your Internet marketing needs.

We setup and administer HubSpot software to cover all of your inbound marketing activities.

Blueprint Marketing is a HubSpot certified partner.  HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software as a service product that includes tools for search engine optimization, social media, lead management, email marketing, marketing analytics, marketing automation, lead intelligence and content management.

A/B Testing:

A/B Testing is a great way to identify the best design and content for your landing pages. We will help create multiple versions of advanced landing pages and enable you to test them for segments of audiences simultaneously.

We then track that data and show you how pages are performing better. We also tell you when the A/B Test becomes statistically significant. After we identify the best performing pages we simply disable the variations that aren’t working as well and run with the most efficient pages.

Blueprint Marketing providesthe tools toturn casual visitors to your website into quality leads.