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Blueprint Marketing provides search engine optimization and inbound marketing services to help your company increase its online presence. Formed in early 2011 by business partners Thomas Zickell and Tony Quinn. Blueprint Marketing seeks to provide inbound marketing and other Internet services to companies across the USA from its base location in Winter Park, Florida, just outside of Orlando.We have also incorporated a top-notch WordPress development firm AuthorityDev headed up by Greg Reindel We will all be attending WistiaFest & SearchLove

The latest in search, analytics, content creation, optimising your website, paid promotions and more We will be there on the 29th for the VIP Evening Speakers
Starts: 04/29/2015 06:30 pm
Ends: 05/01/2015
Harvard Medical School, The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
Boston, MA

searchloveBlueprint Marketing is a certified partner of HubSpot & SEOmoz.  We use a combination of tools including SEOmoz,  Majestic SEO, HubSpot’s outstanding all-in-one inbound marketing software to craft our clients inbound marketing strategies.  Blueprint also uses the best software for SEO, such as SEOMoz and Raven, to give our clients access to the tools they need to increase their website’s search ranking.  We have a number of Partnerships with larger companies such as SalesForce, FireHost, WP Engine and others to provide additional Internet services. in the interest of true transparency we have adopted SEOmoz’s TAGFEE Tenets  our relationship with SEOmoz is something we are very proud of our philosophies our the same although to be honest SEOmoz came up with them we both were following them.Tenets

  • We share the inner-workings of our company – both the good and bad – openly with our community.
  • We take responsibility for our mistakes and will do what we can to rectify them.
  • We will represent ourselves and our intentions honestly to our co-workers and our clients.
  • We will be ourselves, even if that means being occasionally silly, a little less than perfect, and (at times) more than a little dorky.

I've almost forgotten however distilled/U a program developed to train their top-level SEO's is something we take pride in being a beta tester and longtime friend of distilled. we are realist and understand there are other fantastic search engine optimization companies out there we are proud to be linked to the best. If for whatever reason we cannot help you we will always recommend distilled.net I am not getting paid anything to say this our integrity we believe having a strong knowledge of what to do matched with integrity has served us extremely well.Learn how to use Excel for advanced SEOBlueprint MarketingVisitus on Google+Blueprint Marketing