The importance of choosing the right wordpress host

Why where you host WordPress website matters more than you think.

Choosing the right WordPress host

This explains a couple extra things that you will never see Blueprint Marketing allowing our customers hosting with a $5 month shared hosting service nor will we allow anyone to use the DNS their registrar gave them for free. We prefer to pay for those services this not only helps you but saves us cost and time fixing issues like using the free DNS that came with your domain from a registrar like Go Daddy. We use DynECT, UltraDNS & EdgeCast managed DNS depending on what the best fit is for the customer.

We will never put your WordPress website in a cheap shared hosting environment we understand why companies such as Bluehost & Go Daddy are able to offer pricing below $5 a month for hosting. Why do we have a problem with it?

When you put 1000 websites of whom hundreds share the same space on a shared server if some of those people happen to be using and more resources than others some are using the service explicitly for blackhat tactics that is left unchecked and goes unnoticed. By everyone that does not care about security or site speed. identical IP address there is people who will spam and do malicious things using the same IP address as somebody who signed up to run their business on that server.

What happens is once the spammer gets caught, and it doesn’t take much time the IP address is blacklisted so all posts 500 people using that same IP address are put in the same category as the spammer therefore any spam detection software used in all of today’s e-mail will automatically put e-mail generated by anyone using the recommended mail settings by cheap hosting use the very same IP that is used to host your site as a method of sending and receiving e-mail record IP address into a spam filter at best or “black hole” the e-mail and corresponding domain name so that you do not even know your e-mail never arrived. What’s even worse is because your domain name was associated with that IP address therefore they are both blacklisted and companies such as Go Daddy can’t afford to care about getting your IP address off of the blacklist. It’s in the terms of service agreements that they have no obligation to do anything about blacklisted IP addresses.

We will offer services from companies like PressLabs, WebSynthesis, GetFlywheel, WPEngine, Pressable & Pagely where you will have the option to share an IP address or pay slightly more for a unique IP address the reason you do not have to worry about being on a shared IP with the companies we have listed is none of them actually allow for e-mail to be hosted off of their servers Making it physically impossible for someone to spam others using the same IP address you’ve been assigned from one of those companies as a result you will have to choose a hosted e-mail provider like Google apps, Hosted Microsoft Exchange (my personal favorite), Microsoft 365, Fuse Mail, Rackspace Mail and Zoho Mail (Zoho Mail is free for three 5GB mailboxes) every one of them will offer much better control over your e-mail in addition to not being hosted off of the same A record or IP address as your website. So if somebody uses Google apps to spam somebody else it will not affect to because the host Google in this case has assigned you a unique IP address and as long as you do not use it for your domain name to spam people you have nothing to worry about.

Recently Google Apps begin charging $50 annually for a mailbox this surprised many and upset people because Google apps is a very good hosted Email platform. However, there is a company that has come out with a product very similar to Google apps in many ways including aesthetics good news is they still offer free hosted e-mail up to three 5GB mailboxes with no ads. The company is Zoho Mail. So you do not have to pay a cent more to send and receive quality e-mail with any of the managed WordPress hosting companies we have endorsed.

I may also mention not one of the companies listed here Kinsta PressLabs, Web Synthesis, Get Flywheel, WP Engine, Pressable or Pagely has been picked out of a hat or chosen because we get money for telling you to use them. They were picked after we spent a minimum of 6 months on each doing testing that included page load times, site security, promptness of support staff, knowledge of support staff and from a total of 18 companies offering managed hosting for under $30 a month only for were able to meet requirements. they are right here again and can be found under are hosting section PressLabs, Web Synthesis, GetFlywheel, WP Engine, Pressable or& Pagely.

why choosing the best WordPress host for you is extremely important for your business or personal website. W
Brand: PressLabs, Web Synthesis, GetFlywheel, WP Engine, Pressable, Pagely
Model: basic through enterprise
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    • I think that if you want to have a very fast website all over the world a CDN can really improve your speed. It also can be the fastest way to deliver an SSL certificate if you are using that technology.

      This is a list of CDN I recommend
      CatchFly ( ask for Jeff)
      Edge Cast (ask for Natalie) ( Speedy Rails is a top reseller you might want to look at them as well)
      Max CDN (is used by almost all managed WordPress hosting companies)
      TurboBytes (remarkably fast everywhere)

      With a website like yours.
      I would recommend using a content delivery network.
      I would also use Nginx over Apache it is far more efficient and will allow you to run one third of the ram and get better speeds.

      Non-managed WordPress hosting companies
      FireHost ( where we are hosted right now)
      Peak Hosting
      Terremark ( now being called Verizon enterprise in some parts of the world)
      Pair Networks ( great service unbelievable uptime)

      look into updating your current WordPress install I am basing my information on BuiltWith in your URL.
      Let me know if I can be of any more help,

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    • Can ask why you moved to site 5?

      I believe that Pressable is a good hosting company. You may want to look into something that is not run off of SoftLayer ( they are the largest host of adult websites)

      Check out Getflywheel there really good and you get your own SSD VPS with every site.

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