Anycast DNS

By utilizing Anycast DNS you will drastically lower your websites load time. in addition,you will have much higher uptime along with a better end user experience.

When you use companies like Dyn the creators of DynECT DNS you will the able to rest assured that there 11 years of uptime is backed by a group of technicians that are not about to let that record fail. Based out of Manchester New Hampshire Dyn has come a long way always innovating and never failing they’ve earned the respect and are used as the primary DNS domain name system of companies such as Twitter, Amazon and IBM to name just a handful.

What DNS does sounds simple however it is crucial to everything we do on the web without it we have new e-mail and websites at all.

DNS takes the IP address of the website and converts it into a name we can remember like we can easily remember the website’s IP address it also allows us to add aliases or see names and are MX records for e-mail without these abilities that are essentially would not be an Internet as we know it.

What anycast DNS does is advanced and very hard to implement however once it’s done you get an enormous ROI when you serve your website out of a server in Dallas let’s say, and your end-user is in Seattle or London with normal unicast DNS that query would be sent to a random name server then bounced back through out the world prior to returning to you. What this does is add a lot of time to your website showing up when somebody clicks on it in Google or types it in to a URL box. This is proven to make people click the back button and run away from your website.

Anycast DNS is a lot like a CDN or content delivery network it has points of presence or pops all around the world including the United States the person typing your web URL into the browser in Seattle will be served the query from a pop in or around Washington state not in Texas or Dallas where your server happens to be. The same thing goes for all around the world people in Asia people in Europe get the same under 5 ms response time as somebody would if they were right next to the physical server. This only happens if you use Anycast DNS and like most things there are better DNS companies than others.

When it comes to offering quality DNS Dyn is the company we use and strongly advise you use. Their speed and uptime are unparalleled along with friendly customer support and very competitive pricing they have eclipsed what once was considered to be the best by quite a bit. I don’t know of any DNS company that can hold a candle to Dyn

Now we are realistic if you cannot afford to pay $15 a month for DNS we think that you should allocate that much money towards DNS at minimum however some people are not willing to do this we will not turn our back on you.

The recommendation for a less expensive DNS system is to either use the unicast Dyn offering at $29 a year or the DNS made easy Anycast offering at $29 a year.

Both companies only use tier 1 networks that is a huge deal in hosting websites as well as of course DNS. While we will always prefer Dyn and if you own a company that makes money on the web we do not see a good reason to not spend money on quality DNS.

Blueprint Marketing will never look past the small details that others seem to blow off. There is no reason why anyone who understands the Internet should blow off DNS however so many of our competitors seem to not taken into consideration when helping out a client. We will always be there for you at the granular level when you use Blueprint Marketing you use a company that will help you succeed in every way possible.

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