Marketing Analytics

This is one of the most important and exciting components of the Blueprint Marketing toolbox. By using HubSpot software we can provide you with an analysis of how all of your Internet marketing channels are performing, in terms of visits, leads and customer acquisition. That ensures maximum efficiency. We can make recommendations on where to allocate more time and resources.

You will also be able to see how social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are bringing in leads, see how much of your search traffic is due to search engine optimization versus paid links, and see which channels brought in quality leads versus leads that barely interfaced with your website.

With our conversion reports you’ll be able to see which of your marketing activities is most effectively moving prospects through the sales funnel. We’ll illustrate what activities your leads engaged in right before converting, such as visiting a products page, reading a blog article or downloading an offer. By analyzing your conversions, we’ll be able to identify the most influential pages and interactions.

Conducting reverse funnel analysis we can tell you how each customer navigated your website from start to conversion. Even after a customer has converted you will be able see when they are researching a new product line, an upgrade or something else on your website, giving you valuable information you can use to place a perfectly-timed customer service call.

Our marketing analytics will provide you with insightful information and give you full transparency of how inbound marketing strategies are performing.

Blueprint Marketing uses a unique reporting system to supply clients with ongoing vital information about visitors, leads and actual customers that enables you to operate an effective, efficient and energetic Internet marketing operation.

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