Lead Management

Once a visitor responds to an offer and submits a landing page form they become a “lead”. You can then begin a “lead nurturing” campaign based on where they fall in the sales funnel

As part of our lead management process, Blueprint will be able to track lead activity and see how prospects are interfacing with your website. We will enable your website to provide anonymous company tracking so that you can see which companies are visiting your website even if they don’t fill out a form. This lead intelligence will allow us to gain valuable insights into how to help you to convert more prospects into clients.

As part of our ongoing service, we provide you with regular, detailed reports containing all sorts of cool info. For example, we show you how leads are navigating your site, how long they spend on pages, which pages they view and even where they move their cursor on a page. You will also be able to see your leads’ relevant social media information and view past browsing history. By tracking and analyzing this information we can provide ongoing optimization of your website, making subtle changes to style your website to become more attractive to visitors.

We will also be able to identify common occurrences of leads that fail to convert into customers and make the necessary changes to increase your conversion rate. We will provide analysis of visitor data to understand and scale efforts that are working for your best leads and use this information to capture more leads.

We will segment your leads based upon their past activity on your website and across your marketing channels. You will be able to set up automated targeted communications based upon customer interests and behavior. Customized emails, text messages or alerts can be set up to automatically go out when triggered by certain user behavior, such as form completions and downloads.

For full closed loop reporting, our software will integrate with a Content Relationship Management (CRM) system such as SalesForce, Sugar CRM or virtually any web-based CRM software, to streamline your lead management. We can sync up leads from your website with your CRM so that you can see what your leads are doing across all your marketing efforts.

Why is this useful? Well, it provides your sales team with valuable information regarding lead behavior on your website. That means that when they contact leads directly, they can reference the CRM and find information about the lead’s online behavior to see what content a particular lead has been researching on your website. The sales team can use this information to make more informed sales calls or emails. Integrating a CRM system will also provide closed loop reporting in a centralized location. Seamlessly track leads won through your website and see how all of your marketing initiatives are performing at any given time.

Blueprint Marketing has the knowledge and the technology to provide our clients with invaluable information about potential customers, their browsing behavior and inclination to buy.