Website Design-Redesign

Why is the design of your website important?

In this digital age, your website is your shop window. It is there to attract browsers and turn these visitors into sales leads and, in turn, future customers. The more visitors, the more potential leads. And that means more customers and more revenue for your company.

It doesn’t happen by accident. It should happen by design. Your website needs to be highly functional, attractive and appropriate to the market you are targeting. Oh, and the content has to be highly relevant, easy to navigate and tightly written too. That’s where Blueprint comes in. We can design a completely new website to meet the above specs or redesign an existing site to make it:

  • Show on the first search engine page.
  • Make sure you’re with exactly the right web host for your website.
  • More attractive and dynamic to browsers.
  • “Sticky”. That means once visitors land there, they stay longer and engage more.
  • Highly interactive, extracting information from visitors that can help turn them into leads and then customers.
  • A rich store of visitor information that can be analyzed and turned into sales reports

How the process works

We start by reviewing your existing website and detailing suggested changes. The following boxes are checked:

  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Does it have a clean, attractive, professional appearance?
  • Can it easily be updated with minor changes over the course of your inbound marketing campaign?
  • Is the information that your target audience is searching for easily accessible?
  • Is your website design mobile friendly? While you may not think that your potential customers will be deciding on using your products or services from their Smartphone or tablet computer, they may check out your site while on the go and if they find your website hard to navigate they may move on to a competitor’s site.

Your existing web hosting will also be reviewed to make sure it is offering the speed, content delivery network or CDN, anycast DNS, automatic backup, free malware removal as part of its security and services that are appropriate for your website. Once our recommendations are discussed, and agreed upon, we make the changes happen while integrating cutting edge Inbound Marketing software that will provide the platform for your future Inbound Marketing initiatives.

Thereafter, Blueprint Marketing provides oversight on a monthly basis to ensure optimum performance and provide ongoing sales analysis.