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Question: Why do so strongly believe in managed WordPress hosting?

Answer: Sum of the largest problems the WordPress site owners face are that typical shared servers, or even VPSs and dedicated on generic hosting platforms, are not optimized for WordPress’ unique performance and security requirements.Pagely, PressLabs, Pantheon, Kinsta WP Engine, ZippyKid, Get Flywheel & Web Synthesis are all managed WordPress hosting companies listed have been developed by an expert technical team that also had the experience of being in the trenches like you and me, running high-traffic sites on WordPress. This is why their unique and finely tuned configurations work so well for WordPress. It is also why they have advanced and evolving security checks in constant motion, plus a guarantee to clean up your site in the event of an invasion. And the support is top notch. From migrations to troubleshooting to plugin recommendations, these guys have seen it all through their real-world WordPress experience, which makes your life that much easier. Too often, hosting is associated with problems that make our lives harder. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a host that gives you benefits instead of headaches? That’s why Blueprint Marketing, has agreements and every one of the hosts listed so go check out their plans and tell us what we can do to get you sign up for truly worry free hosting.

We offer hosting for any type of website if it is not a WordPress website Fire Host is the best choice they have the best security in the industry. their security is so good in fact they are one of the few HEPA compliant web hosts in the world. On top of that free migration and 24 hour telephone, e-mail support and chat support you get tremendous speed and impeccable customer service make them are choice for customers. Fire Host also powers our managed WordPress hosting offers.
all our offerings give you fully managed support in addition Blueprint Marketing customer gets has Sucuri server side scanning what this means is you not only get your website check for malware every 6 hours you get a fully “hardened” hosting environment to protect your business against any possible threat. we are realistic and know nothing is impossible so we offer free Web site malware removal to all of our customers.Regardless of the amount of pages affected or frequency of attacks this is what separates Blueprint Marketing from every other search engine optimization company.

Two of URLs are affiliate links please I understand we would recommend these companies regardless. If you would prefer not to use an affiliate link we recommend going to the site directly.

FireHost Pagely Kinsta Synthesis WP Engine PressLabs Pantheon HubSpot

Why Blueprint Marketing for Hosting Features included on all plans

Automatic Upgrades Using a CMS? We give you this for type of website you have WordPress Core & Plugin Upgrades, Nightly Backups
Enterprise Security Real Time Malware scanning and removal. Redundant Firewalls and DDoS protection
Superior Speed Advanced Varnish/F5 caching layer for millisecond load time

Blueprints preferred Web server configuration 100% managed Ubuntu based LAMP stacks including NGINX HHVM / PHP-FPM with a unique NGINX / Varnish / Apache reverse proxy configurations. Juniper enterprise hardware firewall combined with a FireHost ADC + WAF: Web Application Firewall (Application Delivery Controller (ADC) provides level 7,3 and 4 DDoS mitigation, intrusion protection brute force, bot protection and so much more.

Extendable Use Nearly any Plugin or Theme
File Access SFTP

We can run any type of server needed this includes slower Web servers like Apache and Microsoft IS we prefer NGINX however if needs a database your project like Microsoft 2012 we can take care of it.

We automatically scan for, and fix, many hacking attempts on your site. Our guarantee: We’ll do everything we can to ensure your site won’t get hacked. And if your site still gets hacked, we’ll fix it…at no additional charge to you.

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We will advise you on what to use for hosting based on what you need.

Do you need the ability to add landing pages and capture inbound marketing leads via requesting a user enter their e-mail and name before downloading one of your white papers?

If so we have the right selection from our top hosts to meet your needs. Whatever they are Blueprint Marketing goes well beyond the average marketing company to make sure you are a happy client.

AuthorityDev A company we work closely with has developed a fantastic tool to determine the best managed WordPress hosting provider whether you are an agency or own a single site this tool will allow you to determine the best hosting provider for your WordPress hosting needs.

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