Currently we are partnered with the corporations that are the best in their business. How do we know that there is good as they say they are. We use them ourselves and test them frequently.

DNS is an extremely important part of the Internet without it you would not have e-mail or the web itself. Naturally we have tried many services and came back to one every time and there DynECT managed DNS platform goes are beyond him the average we enjoy having a great relationship with a wonderful company that is superior to all of its competitors.

fire host is our go to host or many hosting needs. However managed WordPress hosting is something that we have embraced and we will recommend if it is the correct tool for the job.

For more information on our hosting partners please see our hosting page.

Content delivery networks are some of the most hotly debated tools in use by an amazing amount of websites today. not long ago it was a tool that was used only by Fortune 500 corporations today everyone can afford to use a content delivery network. Our testing has allowed us to choose two content delivery networks often times referred to as “CDN’s”, and we recommend utilizing both ideally however if that is not an option we use it by case-by-case basis. to be certain that the CDN you’re using Is giving you the fastest load times possible All over the globe. With years of testing recommend that you utilize them both the same time. EdgeCast & MaxCDN