Standard DNS

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The all-in-one managed DNS solution for your own domain: a personal or small business website.

What is it?

The perfect DNS solution for users that do not require the capacity (multiple zones, over 750,000 queries per month) or advanced features (reporting, failover, load balancing) of Dyn's Managed DNS products.

Dyn's Standard DNS provides complete control over your DNS zone and records with an intuitive web interface.

Benefits & Solutions

  • 4 Geographically Diverse Servers
  • Zone & Record Control
  • Award-Winning Support
  • 750,000 Queries Per Month
  • 75 DNS Records
  • Support For 9 DNS Record Types

All that Standard DNS has to offer:


Geographically Diverse Servers

Dyn's Standard DNS utilizes four (4) unicast DNS servers in geographically diverse locations ensures DNS resolution for your registered domain.


Zone & Record Control

With Standard DNS, you get complete control over your DNS zone and its associated DNS records with a choice of a wizard-based easy-to-use web interface or powerful expert tools with a more zone file-like interface.


Award Winning Support

How may we help you? Our dedicated support team is available by phone or email Monday through Friday 9am-5pm EST.

Additional Features

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Built-in Dynamic DNS Support
Get the ability to update any hostname with a dynamically changed IP address using our standard update client.
Webhop Redirection
Some ISPs block common ports, such as 80 (HTTP) and 25 (SMTP). Using our WebHop redirection service, you can circumvent this port blocking by redirecting to your server on an alternate port.
DNS Record Types

Standard Product Terms: If you exceed Standard DNS's monthly QPS limit of 750,000 QPS per month, you will be charged an overage fee for your excess usage. If you exceed your allotted monthly QPS limit, your monthly QPS limit will be extended in increments of 500,000 QPS at an overage rate of $10 per 500,000 QPS. However, your overage fees for Standard DNS will not exceed $100.

Any overage fee that you incur will be placed in to your shopping cart. You must pay any overage fee that you may incur within thirty (30) days from the date that the overage fee(s) is placed in your shopping cart. Failure to pay any overage fee on time may result in interruption of your service. Please see Dyn’s Services Agreement for more details.


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Use Dyn's Standard DNS for just about all ICANN approved top-level domains and all domains registered with Dyn.

It's the perfect DNS service for your home or small business needs, allowing you complete control over your zone and its DNS records.

With a wizard-based, easy-to-use web interface for beginner DNS users and powerful expert tools for those who prefer a more zonefile-like interface, Dyn Standard is the perfect tool for any audience.

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  • Powerful Unicast Network
  • Zone & Record Control
  • Award-Winning Support
  • 750,000 QPM
  • 75 DNS Records


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